Monday, December 14, 2009

Monkey Island and Links on a Train

Having never played a Monkey Island game before and wanting to try the new Telltale ones, I decided to catch up by playing the recent Monkey Island Special Edition. I've completed about 20% of it so far and I have very mixed feelings.

                                                                      Ooh, Perdy!

The graphics are very attractive and you can instantly switch to the old school graphics and back by hitting the F10 button. It can be interesting to just do comparisons in each area. The voice acting is pretty good. Some of the puzzles are a little bit out there, but most can be solved using somewhat logical thought. The main problems I've had are control related.

It took me a while to get used to the cursor seeming to lag behind my mouse movement. It could be that this is just a computer issue, and in any case, I finally did get used to it. The larger problem has been with the slow walking speed and the difficulty I often have with getting Guybrush to move to the next screen instead of standing at the edge doing nothing.

For a lot of the puzzles in this game, you simply have to go from person to person trying different things, but they're spaced pretty far apart, and the time you waste just traveling around can be infuriating. I feel like the vast majority of the time I spend on the game is just on walking back and forth.

The game has just been wearing on me lately and I'm probably going to take a break from it to play Trauma Center on the Wii. With new Christmas games coming up, I'm not sure if I'll ever come back to it or not, but those who know me probably know better than to count on it.

And yeah, the next update on my Zelda playthrough probably won't happen for a few days, weeks, or years. You see, I got distracted watching DBZ in Japanese from the beginning ( have a problem with that?) and now I'm just not in the mood, anymore.

                                               IT'S OVER (nah, I'm not gonna do it)
If I end up trying Gamefly again any time soon in an attempt to catch up with the horrors of modern gaming, I might torture myself with the new Links on a Train or whatever it is and you can get your Zelda fix that way.

                                                           I just died a little inside.

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