Saturday, December 5, 2009

Link to the Past Run Through Part 1

I've been playing a little bit of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I've completed the game countless times already, but Torchlight has gotten pretty stale and I wanted to move on to something different.

I found myself a little bored with rescuing Princess Zelda and getting through the Sewers for the 23rd time, but the first dungeon was pretty solid. I can still remember playing these areas for the first time when the game came out and how huge and confusing the dungeons seemed back then. but even when you know exactly what to do, you can still have a pretty great time.

The desert dungeon was never really a favorite of mine, and so it actually surpassed my expectations during the replay. Still, I couldn't believe how quickly I found the Big Key and made it to the end. I guess figuring out how to get into the dungeon was supposed to be a pretty big deal on it's own. I probably used that tiny little hint guide that came with the game the first time I did so. I did have to use a potion for the boss, so you can't just breeze through this thing. Unless you're better than me, which you probably are.

The Tower of Hera is really cool. Except for some minor tinkering with the red and green switches, and finding the moon pearl, it's almost totally linear progression with a lot of enemies to fight. Some of those guys can really take a lot of hits and you have to make sure not to bounce yourself into a pit.

I also think it's funny how missing the Moon Pearl has some pretty major repercussions. Internet forums still seem to be littered with people who can't figure out why they're now stuck as a rabbit. Moldorm is one of my favorite boss battles as well, except people who have no gaming ability seem to hate him.

Getting the Master Sword and storming Hyrule Castle makes for some very exciting times.


The upper part of the castle is another linear area with some challenging minor enemies culminating in the loss of Zelda and an exciting battle with the mysterious Agahnim. Defeating this boss throws you into the Dark World, ready or not. Not exactly a victory.

Next time... The Dark World!


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