Saturday, December 19, 2009

IGN Redesign and Quake Live

Okay, wow. If you thought IGN was difficult to navigate and poorly organized before, wait until you see the redesign. Now it's going to be that much harder to find seriously screwed up quotes from their reviews to amuse myself and others.

First off, who's bright idea was it to sort the reviews by highest score as the default instead of by release date?

I guess a big thing about the new look is that the game's box art is supposed to be displayed next to the title, but half of the things on there don't have any art, and it looks really lame.

Then, when you actually click the review, you don't GET the review. You go to another page in which you have to click again to read the review. Yeah.

It's possible that they no longer list the same game over and over each time it's reviewed in a different country. That, at least, would be a blessing.

In other news...

I've never been a seriously hardcore Quake 3 player, but I do consider it to be the best multiplayer/online game I've ever played. As the years went by, and more and more new games/garbage was released, I naturally assumed that the game was now dead outside of single player bot-fighting.

But Quake Live is totally amazing. It takes Quake 3, makes it into a browser plugin, includes skill based matchmaking, awards to earn, stat tracking, and it runs flawlessly. It is also FREE and OFFICIAL. Set it to full screen mode and it's just like playing the standalone game, but full of people to play with.

Now, I imagine that this could evolve into a pay service, but if they throw in new arenas and additional content, that might even be a worthwhile subscription. Do check it out.

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