Thursday, November 19, 2009

Go fan heaters, go!

My plan for getting through the winter minus poverty is to use a couple of fan heaters in the sections of the house I spend the most time in. This allows for the central gas heat to be kept at somewhere between low and absurdly low so that I don't heat rooms I am not using. I mean, I might want to use those rooms, but I have free will. And the heaters are pretty portable.

November is pretty early in the heat-using season, so it's hard to find anything too conclusive about how much money I've saved. I got the gas bill today and I can see that there's a clear difference between usage this November (far right) and last November (far left).

There. I also went back to the previous year and saw that there was an even bigger improvement this year over 2007 for November.

The other side of this is how much the electric bill has increased, but I don't have that bill at this time. I did however give myself a crash course on reading the electric meter and it seems that the bill is on track to be only slightly higher than October's, which hopefully means I've made a net profit here.

The true test will probably come in December, where as you can see on the above chart, our use of the central heat skyrocketed.

Even if the amount of money saved is pretty small, I'll probably continue with the plan if only because the gas company has given me more headaches than the electric company in my life.

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